The Big Issue with Donald Trump

Donald Trump is almost inevitably going to be the Republican Party’s candidate. Opposite him will certainly be Hillary Clinton. Neither of these candidates are even close to ideal – but I am here to tell you that, no matter how much you hate her, you should vote for Hillary Clinton. I despise everything that Hillary stands for. She is the epitome of a soulless politician, someone who has given up all personal conviction for the chance to become President.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a madman. This is something I am sure I don’t have to explain. He is honestly the most frightening thing to happen to America in a long, long time. He is the modern-day equivalent of Andrew Jackson.

Let’s explore two possible roads our country may go down:

Hillary Clinton is elected

Hillary makes very little change to our country. More unarmed black kids will be gunned down by the police. The wealth gap will continue to grow. Eveything that is wrong will continue to get worse. 4 years pass, and she doesn’t even attempt for a second term because nobody will vote for her. The people of the United States will be even more obsessed with electing a radical candidate, especially the Democrats, who realize they have made a huge mistake in voting her in. Hopefully we can vote in a 2020 Democrat who is committed to actual change.

Donald Trump is elected

Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He continues to make ignorant, racist statements. He continues to say things like “We need to kill the wives and children of terrorists.” He tries to pass legislation that will put the US on the road to those terrible things. Almost none of it passes, but it gets so terrifyingly close that he gets impeached.

For the next couple decades, every single candidate will be a Hillary Clinton. Why? Because people will blame the fact that we voted in a radical candidate. The next radicals to show up, the 2020 versions of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, will get nowhere because nobody wants the distaster to repeat itself. We will be cursed with grotesque politicians with no conviction, politicians who are committed to no actual change whatsoever. And people will vote them in almost unanimously, because Donald Trump was such a fucking disaster.

I hate Hillary Clinton. You probably do too. Vote for her anyway, otherwise we are cursed with her for decades.

Nostalrius and Pristine Servers

Look, I don’t have much to add to the argument, but I’ll say this:

When I was ~11 years old I would watch my older brother play Classic World of Warcraft. Every day for hours I would watch him as he played with his friends, having fun. I wanted so badly to play it, but I knew I was too young. I recently bought a month of Warlords of Draenor, and nothing was how I remembered. I had such a romantic idea of World of Warcraft and I was so disappointed that I couldn’t live my 11-year old MMO fantasy.

I really wish I had heard of Nostalrius before it got shut down, otherwise I would be on there ASAP. Pristine servers are not Vanilla. A pristine server takes away all of the good things they added, but keeps the post-catacylsm map, keeps the new questlines, keeps everything that I have no memory of from watching my brother.

If a team of unpaid WoW-lovers had the resources to make a vanilla server, then the biggest game company in the world has the resources. “If we could just hit a button and have vanilla servers instantly, we would.” Would you? Because you have a net worth of $18.9 million, I’m pretty sure you are able to.

So please, do it. I don’t know your reasons for not doing it, but please do it. I would love it so much.